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zetathompson reviews FarmVille (WEB)

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zetathompson said...

Zynga has many other games as of this writing in this same format and using the same structure. Zynga seems to put the most time and money into and that seems to be the most popular - Farmville. And why not at last estimate (April or thereabouts) Farmville had an estimated 80 million people playing it worldwide.

You are a farmer. You plow the field, plant the crop, harvest the crop. You add things to your farm, expand it, visit neighbors farms and partake in monthly collection contests.

Game status:
Beta (aren't they all?)

Game play
Clickety Click Click. Recruit players. Spend real world money for in game decorations and perks.

Of all the games of this design this seems to be the smoothest running. Things will sometimes disappear from the gift boxes. It is a HOG and graphics take forever to load sometimes so that your farm looks partly green and partly white space. Moving the toon from one place to another is INCREDIBLY slow and tedious, So much that most players have trapped the spawn point. Yet people seem to like this game.

I am not certain WHAT the appeal is, perhaps the ability to do virtually nothing except click, move up the ladder of your friends and watch the crops grow?

Before Farmville there were other apps on Facebook and from other companies that basically did the same thing. Why is Farmville more appealing than MyFarm or any other sim like game? I surely do not know. It is the Cash cow of the Zynga family. But seriously how much skill does it take to click your mouse and beg friends for items? I give this 2 out of 5 ONLY because it is technically cleaner than any other Zynga game. But honestly - play solitaire rather than this.

Game Traits applied to FarmVille (WEB) by zetathompson

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    browser-based, Simple
  • General Tone:
    Easy, cheerful
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